It's something

by TBA

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released May 16, 2018


all rights reserved



TBA Bucharest, Romania

We're actually a real band

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Track Name: Go!
Question everything but don't trust yourself for answers when the answer's always "no". When you think yourself so worthless, shut up! Let others have a go! They might see what you cannot, things you never even thought. They might turn out to be true, all of them are about you! Take it all into account, find your time is running out. Should've trusted the feeling inside, the animal you try to hide! That is where you wanna go but the path is always blocked by your own shadow. Ahead of you a brand new light. Take a step, leave your shadow behind! Don't let the past define who you are! Break open your shell and help raise the bar!
Track Name: Note to self
Listen up kid, you got nothing to prove, nothing to hate, you're just empty inside or filled with fears and regrets. Same shit. Pick yourself up, take the first shovel and dig in the dark, search for a spark. But you're stoned and tired and nothing you say can persist on your plan for tomorrow. If only the day would be 28 hours long so you can enjoy the precious 8 hours of sleep you're crying for. I dig in the dark and all I can see are faces of people that left a mark and all the other people I know I'll never see again, 'cause I work in a place where people come and go like I come and go in other people's lives and that's fine. But I'm stoned (fucked up!) and tired (by choice!) and (no will, no voice!) nothing I say can persist on (i'm killing off) my plan for tomorrow.
Track Name: Fuck it!
Fuck it! You're right. I have to slap myself twice, throw some ice cold water on my eyes so I can open them. Fuck it! I can do better. I can do anything you can, I only have to grasp that moment when I don't hate myself. And yes, I somehow love emotional pain. I feel more related to that state of mind because I got used to it since I was young. Disappointments, treason, death of a friend, breakups, and other heartbreaking feelings put my feet back on the ground, opened my creative side. And yes, I talk a lot about myself but I can't help. It's not always good things, actually good things are moments of break from my natural state. But I embrace them, I share them, I feed my brain with a little bit of joy until it gets back to overthinking and stupid fears. We'll just take another round and tell each other how fucked up we really are because we tell everyone how many friends we have but we share just with a couple our emotional side. But I don't have to always tell you what I feel to make you roll that one or open another can. Friends are friends whatever.
Track Name: Pass the time
Here's to the crime yet to commit! Here's to the time when we'll see fit to let it go and trade a dream for something greater in between. Two different lives to call your own. Do all the rights and all the wrong! In just one night, if so you will, murder, destroy, repair and heal. So pass the time 'till something different comes along! Be the better, be the worse, be the one who comes in front. Here's all I know, this too shall pass. It's not the first, won't be the last. Spend well this age, you won't get it back, do all you can to have a heart attack! It will be you and you alone. Choose from what sins you must atone. Pay no mind to tasks assigned, live by the book that you have signed.
Track Name: Overwait
I spend more time in my head than actually doing something and all the promises I make are available just for a few days. 'Cause waiting is what I'm best at. You know that waiting is what I'm best at. I see myself doing things that would make my life a little bit easier then I wake up caught in the same chains of my bed with the laptop to my face. 'Cause waiting is what I'm best at. You know that waiting is what I'm best at. Waiting for better days…
Track Name: New chapter
I guess a chapter of my life just ended. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to find a new home where I can be the same or at least accepted. Teenage heart in a tired body. Teenage heart and a tired soul.

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